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Peter Tatchell continues to lie about his position on Syria.

In December 2015, I wrote a blog post outlining all the ways in which Peter Tatchell was supportive of, and had been calling for, military intervention in Syria. Tatchell had previously said that the claim he supported military intervention was … Continue reading

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Afghanistan, the Uncountry.

Below is an excerpt from the International Criminal Court’s 2016 preliminary examination report on potential war crimes in Afghanistan. Needless to say, it’s findings are shocking, particularly when it comes to the conduct of U.S. forces and intelligence agencies. I will … Continue reading

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Preventing a massacre – of France’s economic interests in Africa.

When NATO started bombing Libya in March 2011, the justification given was that bombing was essential to protect civilians. More specifically, it was essential to prevent the Libyan armed forces overrunning Benghazi, and carrying out a massacre. Hillary Clinton explicitly invoked … Continue reading

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The strange advocacy of pro-war anti-war activist Peter Tatchell

On Thursday 10th December, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attended a dinner organised by the Stop the War Coalition (StWC). Corbyn has long been associated with StWC, and until very recently was it’s chairman. There was a small protest … Continue reading

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Shock finding from Opinion Research Business poll: Iraqis don’t want us to bomb them.

From a poll of Iraqi public opinion, carried out in July 2015: 56% of Iraqis strongly or somewhat oppose airstrikes being carried out by coalition forces, as compared to 44% who strongly or somewhat support them. The poll also … Continue reading

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New poll of Syrian public opinion.

The poll was carried out by Opinion Research Business in July. As ever, caveats should apply to the results. About the difficulties of accurate polling in war zones and authoritarian states. About the inability of opinion polls to capture nuance. … Continue reading

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Really shoddy Guardian article on the new U.N. report about ‘Operation Protective Edge’.

The article was written by Peter Beaumont, their Jerusalem correspondent. The most glaring misrepresentation in it – whether it’s deliberate or not – is when Beaumont writes that: More than 2,200 Palestinians, including hundreds of civilians, were killed during the fighting, … Continue reading

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