The horrific normalisation of war.

As most people in the U.K. will be aware, the Labour Party look to have lost yesterday’s general election. And they look to have lost badly. There is some sadness and regret about this on the broader ‘left’ in the U.K., for understandable reasons, which i’m not going to go into here. There is also a lot of sympathy for Ed Miliband flying around.

For example, George Monbiot, the left wing Guardian columnist, tweeted:

And i’m sure, in a way, that Miliband is a ‘decent man’. Nice to his partner and children, polite in conversation. And if you went to his house, i’ll bet he’d offer you a cup of tea, a bacon sandwich, and tell you to put your feet up (although perhaps only in his second kitchen).

But let’s not forget: Ed Miliband supported the bombing of Libya. Ed Miliband supported the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Ed Miliband supports the bombing of Iraq. And Ed miliband supports the bombing of Syria.

This bombing has taken and ruined hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of lives. It has caused literally untold misery for a multitude of people, and is in essence *mass murder*.

And the reason that Ed Miliband, supporter of mass murder, can be considered a ‘decent man’ by even ‘left wing’ commentators is because war has become so normalised within our political culture.

It isn’t noticed, and it doesn’t matter.

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