Report: 11 civilians killed and dozens wounded by U.S. bombing in Afghanistan.

AFP have published an article claiming that:

‘A US air strike in eastern Afghanistan killed 11 civilians, local officials said Wednesday, sparking strong condemnation from President Hamid Karzai who has often criticised the conduct of the NATO forces now leaving the country’.

This is horrific enough in and of itself, but a survivor of the bombing has also given an account which suggests that a so-called ‘double-tap’ strike may have been carried out.

A ‘double-tap’ is a strike where those who come to the aid of the people who were initially bombed are themselves bombed in turn. These strikes have been one of the signatures of the Obama regime, and they are almost certainly criminal, as well as being regarded as terroristic by the U.S. government itself when Official Bad Guys carry them out.

The survivor is quoted as saying that:

‘Four of our villagers were on their way back home from work when airplanes bombed them.

When people went to the area to collect their bodies or take the wounded people to hospital, we were bombed again. Dozens of people, including women and children were killed, or wounded’.

Nor are these kinds of attacks one-offs or isolated incidents.

Amnesty International recently released a report – entitled ‘Left in the Dark’ –  documenting how:

‘Thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed since 2001 by international forces, and thousands more have been injured’, adding that ‘even where the available evidence suggests that killings were unlawful, family members of the victims have no means whatsoever of accessing justice’ –  (p.8)

Or to put it more bluntly, the U.S. are persistently committing war crimes with impunity in Afghanistan, of which this one is just the latest.

But anyway, even as the Obama regime continue to slaughter civilians and commit war crimes with impunity in Afghanistan, at least we can all get behind them as they bid to save civilians and prevent war crimes being committed  in Iraq and Syria.

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