War crime in Afghanistan.

Al Jazeera America on how a U.S. backed paramilitary unit carried out the extrajudicial executions of three men in Alizai, a village in eastern Afghanistan, on June 1st 2014.

Mohammad, Nasrullah and Fazaldin, as they were known, had been detained along with a 100 or so other men from the village (remember, for the Obama regime the definition of a ‘militant’ is ‘military aged male’ ) in a joint U.S./Afghan night raid only hours previously. They were then apparently removed from the larger group while U.S. soldiers looked on, driven to the outskirts of the village, and then shot ‘more than 100 times’ before being thrown into a ditch.

The article quotes a U.N. Official saying they had ‘verified allegations of extrajudicial killings of three men by a pro-government militia’, adding that ‘there has so far been no accountability for these executions’.

The man responsible for ordering the executions, a paramilitary leader known only as Abdullah, has even admitted culpability, saying that ‘I killed these three people’, claiming that they were ‘Taliban’ (and therefore fair game). Abdullah also claims that the ‘weapons, salaries and other equipment’ used by his paramilitary unit are provided by the U.S..

Despite the U.N. establishing that these executions did take place, the perpetrator of the executions owning up to it, and U.S. military personnel being present when the men were snatched, the U.S. military have denied all knowledge, saying they ‘found no information that substantiates the allegations’.

You have to admire the bare faced chutzpah, I suppose.

Allegations of this nature – extrajudicial killings and death squad activity by U.S. Special Forces and their Afghan proxies, basically – do surface occasionally in the press, and i’m willing to bet decent money that they are far more widespread than is reported.

But there doesn’t seem to be any great clamour to properly investigate the issues, let alone campaign for the perpetrators to be held responsible. It’s just something that (if you ask me) a lot of journalists, pundits, analysts and columnists sort of know or suspect is going on, but generally ignore anyway, even in the left wing media and blogosphere (which can at least point to a genuine lack of resources and access as a reason for the dearth of indepth coverage).

The war, occupation and their attendant horrors – at least 27’000 Afghan ‘casualties’ in 2013 alone, with a minimum of 630’000 internally displaced –  do continue apace though, even if you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise.


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