Huffington Post feature on a U.S. Special Forces operative in Afghanistan.

His name is Jim Gant, and apparently he played a considerable role in setting up the so-called Afghan Local Police paramilitary units circa 2010. The ALP have subsequently been implicated in crimes like rape, murder, abduction and land theft by Human Rights Watch, as the article very briefly touches on.

He received an award in 2011 for ‘exceptionally meritorious achievement’ from David Petraeus.

It all ended in tears for Gant, though, when he was essentially forced to retire in 2012 amidst what he claims were trumped up allegations of drinking, drug taking and general disregard for the rules (although he freely admits that he was a regular rule breaker, as per the Special Forces ‘tradition’).

Thus, says The Huffington Post, ‘was lost a promising initiative, one that might have matured into an inexpensive and self-sustaining movement to enable Afghans to help stabilize their own country’.

Which would seem like a fairly clear endorsement of Gant (and other ‘rule-breaking mavericks’, as they put it) and his methods.

Here are a few choice quotes from the article, of Gant in his own words:

‘I am in a group of outliers that really, really, really enjoyed combat, to include killing — to hunt another human being down and shoot him in the face’.

‘They (Afghan villagers) knew, from back in ’03 and ’04, that I had smoked a lot of people. And they knew I’d burn the whole frickin’ place down . . . But I’d also tell them, ‘Hey — I did not come to fight this time,’ and I think that resonated with them’.

And I find it hard to imagine that the ‘liberal’ Huffington Post would ever give such a sympathetic write-up to (say) a Syrian Arab Army Special Forces operative who had helped set up counter-insurgency militias implicated in major atrocities, and who boasted of his love for hunting human beings down and ‘shooting them in the face’, and having ‘smoked an awful lot of people’.

In fact, i’m positive they’d have him down as an irredeemable monster in no uncertain terms.

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