The Libyan government is bombing its own people.

This from DefenceWeb, Monday 20th January 2014:

‘Libyan war planes attacked targets in the restive south on Saturday after gunmen stormed an air force base and the government ordered in ground troops following days of skirmishes between rival tribesmen and militias . . .

. . . Prime Minister Ali Zeidan went on national television to announce he had ordered troops to be sent to the south after a group of gunmen entered the Tamahind air force base outside Sabha, 770 km (480 miles) south of the capital Tripoli.

Defence Ministry spokesman Abdul-Raziq al-Shabahi said later that government forces had regained control of the base after air strikes.

“A force was readied, then aircraft moved and took off and dealt with the targets,” he told reporters in Tripoli’.

Both Labour and the Conservatives have expressed their deep concern about these developments, and have even gone as far as to suggest military action to protect those being bombed by the regime could be on the agenda.

According to the BBC, Prime Minister David Cameron said in a speech in the House of Commons that ‘we do not in any way rule out the use of military assets, we must not tolerate this regime using military force against its own people’, while Labour MP Ann Clwyd remarked that a no-fly zone over Libya could ‘save thousands of lives if Zeidan is going to bomb his own people from the air’.

Senior defence officials are to said be in fav . . . . umm, actually, no.

Those quotes are from February 2011, when it was long time Official Bad Guy Muammar Gadaffi who was said to be bombing his ‘own people’, making armed ‘humanitarian intervention’ a moral imperative.

Now it’s Ali Zeidan bombing his ‘own people’, and he’s allied to the U.K., U.S. et al – owes his position to them, you might even say – so no-one is batting an eyelid, because it isn’t politically expedient to do so.

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