Human Rights Watch’s Ken Roth seems very keen for military intervention in Syria.

That is, he wants the Obama administration – the people whose forces have cluster bombed women and children in Yemen, deliberately targeted funerals and rescue workers in Pakistan, carried out several large scale massacres in Afghanistan, and who treat all military aged males in some areas as legitimate targets, to give a small sampling of their ongoing crimes and atrocities – to ‘act’. And from the context of his tweets, and the articles he links to, it seems fairly clear that by ‘act’ he means ‘bomb them, and bomb them now’:

What with Avaaz calling for a ‘no-fly zone’ – something which Philip Breedlove, the senior General within NATO, has described as ‘quite frankly an act of war’, and which the Pentagon says could cause ‘vast numbers’ of civilian casualties – it does seem that certain Establishment ‘humanitarians’ are among the keenest agitators for yet another war in the middle east. Certainly more so than the military men themselves are.

And it feels to me, what with their attempts at rebranding predatory war by powers with horrific and bloody track records as being in some way beneficial to human rights (they did the same with Libya, for example), that these people are leading the human rights movement down a very dark path indeed.

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2 Responses to Human Rights Watch’s Ken Roth seems very keen for military intervention in Syria.

  1. Siusaidh says:

    They led it down that path to the dark side several years ago. At best, the ignore come human rights issues while promoting others. They report in ways that can be manipulated in favour of war. When they do comment usefully, it is too late (eg. Libya). This is no accident.

  2. “In his seminal study Science of Coercion, Christopher Simpson observed that communication might be understood as both the conduit for and the actual substance of human culture and consciousness. As Simpson noted, psychological warfare is the application of mass communication to modern social conflict.

    In the U.S. Army War College manual on psychological warfare, the stated objective is to destroy the will and ability of the enemy to fight by depriving them of the support of allies and neutrals. Some of the methods used in the manual are sowing dissension, distrust, fear and hopelessness.

    In the decades since these publications were first published, a new form of psywar has emerged in the form of false hope. With unlimited funding and organizational support from foundations like Ford, Rockefeller, Gates and Soros, U.S. Government propaganda now has a vast new army of non-profits that, along with corporate media and academia, serve as both a third wing of mass consciousness and a fifth column for destabilization campaigns worldwide.

    As Cory Morningstar captures The Simulacrum in her multi-part series on the non-profit industrial complex, domesticating the populace is a fait accompli, and the only question remaining is what will happen if and when capitalist activism is seen for what it is. By following the money from aristocratic derivatives to embodiments of false hope like Avaaz, MoveOn, and Change, Morningstar steps through the looking glass to expose how NGOs have become a key tool of global dominance using social media as a means of social manipulation.

    When the smoke generated by phony progressives clears, all that is left is an industrial wasteland of false hope and real threats. When the betrayals of NGOs like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are known, we can finally begin to exercise our responsibilities. Until then, programs like Democracy Now remain little more than adult versions of Sesame Street for the toy Che brigades.” |

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