Human Rights Watch’s Tom Malinowski joins the Obama administration.

According to AFP

Malinowski had been ‘Washington Director for Human Rights Watch’, and the person who was ‘responsible for the organization’s overall advocacy efforts with the US government’.

Before joining Human Rights Watch, he had been ‘special assistant to President Bill Clinton and senior director for foreign policy speechwriting at the National Security Council’, and ‘a speechwriter for Secretaries of State Christopher and Albright and a member of the State Department’s policy planning staff’.

Unsurprisingly given his background, Malinowski was a supporter and defender of both the war in Libya, and the war in Kosovo – in both of which NATO either committed or facilitated war crimes, human rights abuses and even Crimes against Humanity. Indeed, he used his position as a senior member of a major Human Rights NGO to drum up support for the war in Libya, and wondered why the Obama administration weren’t getting more praise for it.

He’s now the Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, thus confirming the incestuous relationship that unfortunately exists between the Democrat establishment and the likes of HRW and Amnesty International.

I bring up Amnesty, because Amnesty International USA’s Deputy Executive Director, for example, is Frank Jannuzi, who before joining Amnesty ‘served as Policy Director for East Asian and Pacific Affairs for the Democratic staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, advising Senator John Kerry on policy options’, and represented ‘Senator Kerry in discussions with the American public as well as with foreign government officials and the media’. Senator Kerry is now, of course, Secretary of State Kerry.

Until very recently their Executive Director was Suzanne Nossel, a supporter of the invasion of Iraq, a person who has been caught out dissembling about Iran’s nuclear program via blatantly misrepresenting a prominent Iranian dissident, and who before joining Amnesty was ‘deputy assistant secretary for International Organizations at the U.S. Department of State’, where she initiated ‘groundbreaking human rights resolutions on Iran, Syria, Libya, Cote d’Ivoire’.

And really, how on Earth can you expect the U.S. wings of these organisations to report objectively on U.S. government actions, when at a senior level they may as well be appendages of the State Department?

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