BBC article on the ‘good news’ from Egypt: Part II.

They’re now running an interview with Citibank economist Farouk Soussa, who says that:

Soussa: Morsi made the right noises with respect to the IMF for the first couple of months, and they were going to sign on the dotted line in December, which would have made a huge amount of difference to the confidence of investors. Until he shot himself in the foot . . . the IMF was off the table, investors were backing out again, nobody was interested’.

The BBC interviewers final question is then this:

‘So when it comes to the IMF loan, that would have been a crucial lynch pin in kick starting the economy, and improving the situation there. What could he have done sooner to secure that loan?’.

To be fair to Soussa, he then makes the point that the ‘liberal’ opposition (which ones?) are actually more opposed to the IMF loan than the MB were, but anyhoo . . .

For whatever reason, the BBC do seem rather keen on promoting the idea that the problem in Egypt was that the government were refusing to take up the offer of a loan from those nice, helpful men at the IMF, and have published two news/commentary pieces to this effect.

A sign, perhaps, that this supposedly neutral and objective news organisation is editorially and institutionally committed to the global neoliberal project, whatever you think of the current events in Egypt.

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