Francois Hollande Wins UNESCO Peace Prize For Mali Intervention.

As here.

Let’s have a quick look at what this ‘peace maker’ helped to facilitate in Mali.

According to an Amnesty International investigative mission, as reported by their researcher Scott Edwards:

‘In addition to the deaths of civilians – including children – as a result of helicopter attacks, the mission findings told of horrific abuses by the Malian armed forces participating in the offensive made possible by French intervention and the logistical support of other countries. I found personally disturbing findings reminiscent of crimes committed in Darfur and elsewhere: the bodies of executed civilians thrown in water wells of Waïlurdé neighborhood of Sévaré; civilians being stopped, arrested, and executed based on what appears to be their clothing or ethnicity’.

A newer report, released by Amnesty only today, tells of how:

‘The Malian security forces’ human rights record since January is, simply, appalling. They continue to violate human rights with apparently no fear of being held accountable . . . Amnesty International documented dozens of cases of detainees being tortured or ill-treated after being arrested for having alleged links with armed groups. The organization also documented more than 20 cases of extrajudicial-executions or enforced disappearances’.

Kill children with helicopters, facilitate Darfur like atrocities against civilians, disappearances, torture, extra-judicial executions – win a peace prize. The Good Guys, always and forever.

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